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Meet Shane & Marie. Working For You...


Shane, our founder, first founded our companion website, FalconStocks over 10 years ago. Falcon is a research website for small, undiscovered companies, penny stocks. Companies whose shares trade under $5.00 and have the potential to return 50% to 100%+ gains quickly.

Back then, Shane decided that he wanted to bring 100% unbiased research to the public. After many years working alongside research departments, he knew that almost all research being disseminated from brokerage houses was biased. Many times, biased beyond belief. It wasn't rare to find out that researchers knew that the company they were recommending with a "Buy" rating should not be bought. Or at least, the researchers wouldn't invest their own money it the company. Why? Simple... Brokerage firms make money on trading stocks as well as providing other services to companies. When you have a "Buy" rating on a company, they are more likely to do business with you. If you put out that "Sell" rating, they'll probably go somewhere else, and your firm doesn't make any money. So, these "researchers" are pressured to keep that "Buy" rating on the company no matter what. Researchers in many firms are paid bonuses if they bring in business. You can't bring in business from a company you have a "Sell" rating on. Unfortunately, this is the way it works and most investors have no idea.

Our Extensive Experience

Since the early 1990s, Shane has been involved with the financial markets. Starting at a large brokerage firm as a trading assistant, Shane went from helping out brokers with trades to running complete employee stock option programs to gathering institutional orders to prepare large "block" trades for the exchange floor of the NYSE and AMEX. Along with that expertise, he was able to leverage his experience into a role as a Corporate Broker.

During this time, a majority of his clients were either CEOs, CFOs, Directors, or the Company itself. He would assist the officers of a company not only sell their own stock (through SEC Rule 144 and Rule 144(k)), but advise them on the legal matters regarding trades by 'insiders' and prepare the public filings for those clients. Also, when a company decided to purchase its own stock by through a "buyback" program, he not only helped set up that program, but gathered institutional sales orders for the company to purchase, eliminating the risk of moving the market.

Though he does not act as a broker now, Shane has held or does hold several licenses including the SEC's Series 7 and Series 63, as well as Life, Health and Variable Insurance licenses for all 50 states.

The WaveStocks Team

Much like FalconStocks, WaveStocks is run by Shane and his best friend and wife, Marie. Also, numerous colleagues and former co-workers provide their time and knowledge to both websites. These wonderful folks still work hard in the industry and most either work as financial planners, brokers, or still work on the same trading floors that Shane got his experience from. Because of this, we're still able to hear the fresh information firsthand, straight from "The Street"!

Why We Started This Website

We decided to bring our talents to the "ordinary" investor, and not just the rich guys who have all of the access to information they want. To find channeling stocks. Channeling stocks that are predictable and pass on profits over and over again.

In essence, we're leveling the playing field for the regular investor who wants to take advantage of the knowledge of experienced researchers, but do not have the bankroll to attract the attention of a truly great broker or research team.

The great success of FalconStocks has allowed us to forge ahead with our plans for a truly technical website like WaveStocks to provide channeling stocks. We're glad you've visited and would love to have you as a member.

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